Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yel yem yo...that's right. The yen's missing.

Spent almost an hour at church today. Very amusing. There was some singing. Mr.Beans trysts with church singing leapt to mind. 'Hallelujah! Hallelujah!'
There was a priest all in white with a shining black baldness and a crown of white hair. He looked like he had not had a good night's sleep and moved in a fashion similar to that of a snail tired after a day's work.
Then,another man took centrestage and started speaking. Maybe if I knew Tamil,I would have said the rise and fall in voice, the expansive hand movements were all impressive. But Tamil,like whistling, is one thing I have never been able to learn. Therefore his speech also brought memories of Mr.Bean...trying to get money from an airport lady by sobbing in Russian.
Then suddenly I noticed the black priest in white sitting in a corner,with his head bowed in shame. I saw light. The frenzied speaker was of course telling the assembled crowd what a bad boy the priest had been,and was getting carried all mothers are on these occasions.
Then I turned and saw Kolkata Mithai Bhawan had lifted shutters. My destination for my breakfast of Radha Bollobhi.
In the middle of my 2nd radha bollobhi, I heard the voice of the frenzied speaker again,carrying over even inside the shelter of Kolkata Mithai Bhawan. This time I caught a whole sentence of English "You are the chosen generation". I wondered which generation he was talking to-the one with flowers in their heads and bibles in their hands sitting as if they wanted to occuppy the least possible space, or the generation that had got bored and were playing outside shouting unintelligible things.
Also, I learnt something. Reading newspapers in churches is banned. They wouldn't let me read the sports pages. So I covertly read the front page of the Deccan Times instead. Gay sex decriminalized. I wonder if that frenzied apeaker was in fact saying something on that. God knows. Or does he? Does God know Tamil?

Wrote this sometime in Chennai. On stray piece of paper. Stray piece of paper resurfaced from bag today. Interesting. This was me in Loyola Church.


  1. LovelY!! Love the Imagery, Bhagoban r catholic der arektu galgal krle parti, they were created with the sole purpose of disciplining me!!!!

  2. Raving 'THAT SICK F' everywhere might not be appropriate see. Tor oi ghortatei ogulo acceptable.

  3. This one's so accurate that I won't call it blasphemoues....I have always been a devout Christian at heart.But we should all abide by the intricacies of a certain religion and not man-made rules coined by fathers and monks for their own benefits.I have tremendous respect for the religion...for any religion for that matter...but certainly not for petty religious redtapes that deviate so much from the essence of true devotion.Like Muslim terrorists who kill in cold blood n say it's just a scarifice for Allah would do better to enquire if Allah ever called for manslaughter.What ur article has done is it has satirized the hollowness and bareness of a certain religious order n I cannot but salute this iconoclasm!!Well done Big D!!

  4. ae...commented on ur previous post..pls c.r will u WRITE 4 AHM OR WILL U ACCEPT DEATH?I'm cmng 2 kill u!!

  5. iconoclasm means breaking of icons. I NOE AT LEAST ONE WORD THAT DEEPTESH WRITES!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

  6. Yes. See. The militariness of the college I was in Chennai led me to hate religion and all things religous passionately,even if the passion was temporary. As all my passions are.

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