Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I learn everyday

Obheejeet Dotto says bloggers like me who make one new post in a year are the ones with the best blogs. I love him for saying such a thing. I also love him for sending texts like 'Shala tora shob sfi er leaflet gulo amar bag e dhukiechish kano be?'
A lot of water has flown under the 'kushonshkar er jonne bondho bridge' after my last post. I am poorer by a lot of things. Let's see...a wallet,a notebook with all english and film studies class notes,a bcl book,a phone. I am sure I am forgetting something but then if I could remember every little bally thing that I lose everyday I would not have to write such a tragic sentence anyway. I am richer by one teeny weeny thing as well,(all people alert enough to check my networking sites updates will know),and this richness makes up and more for all that I have lost and continue to lose everyday.
I am also awake now to the hardships one has to undertake to turn the page from 69 to 70 of certain extremely long novels.
I am also awake to the fact that 29 can be played with Uno cards. It lends a lot of complications to the game and gives the game an intellectual scent. Of course, when the settings of this intellectual pastime is the maidan a lot of other scents come into the equation as well. A smell which has been christened by tridipto 'the smell of haga' is a rather prominent one. Incidentally, might I warn all innocent readers not to fall into the muri trap in maidan. The muri there is erratic with a capital E. Some people will be served things that taste of wildfire and those people will then run around screaming for water. Others will be served sweet muri. All this under the jhalmuri banner.


  1. Jio pagla!!! r kichhu bolar nei. tor sab aporadh, including spreading that 4 totally ganjakhuri facts about me khama kore dilam for writing this one brilliant piece. totally proved my theory regarding blog quality and posting frequency. awesome with capital A. Period.

  2. Abhijit: You should be thankful anyone ever created such a wonderful variation of your disgustingly commonplace name.

    Dipankar: "Ki dili re, boss!"

  3. @ Quince

    with u on that

    @ obhijit

    Jio comment korli re boss.Tabe AHM e lekha kobe dibi.

    @ Big D

    Amio maidan jabo....oe smell ta nebo....d poetic hagar smell...r muri mosla khabo!!r anek poem likbo..tabe why r u writing abt wht u hv ost?wht abt all those u hv gained....huh?

  4. aww to the tiny little thing uve gained. too much laabh :)

  5. and i returned bcl book, i think. another score. *apologizes for shameless but unintentional theft*

  6. I read this post again just now and fell in love with it all over again.