Friday, May 15, 2009

Just to prove I am not one of those good for nothings who can only win love and subsequently lose it just as I am again to dwell on much more worldly and interesting things. The Lok Sabha elections. No seriously...
Till the results are out tomorrow...its a tense few hours for all of India. This time, what makes the elections a mouth watering prospect for any analytical mind is the slew of possibilities the 16th can throw up. Allies have turned foes, only to rub their bald heads and console..."nothing can be ruled out".
PRE-poll alliance with a stress on the 'pre' has suddenly become a very unreliable term.For the first time in the worlds largest democracy, is there a serious 3rd froont...with a 'not that trivial either' 4th front joining in the 'party' too. Regional players will decide who takes over Delhi. Is that good? Now thats a good question.
Maybe, I'll stick to lovelorn prose from now on.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009