Monday, August 3, 2009

Crash! Boom! and other such sounds

Okay...let's begin by saying that I am in the horridest mood. A mood so positively stinking of horridness that any God-fearing individual will be able to smell it from a mile. I drove my father's brand new car into another car today, thus creating dents in 2 cars and 1 ego. Events that followed the 'Ayrton Senna' moment are best skipped over. It sufficeth to say that these are moments splitting at the seams with gory details.
Memories of my first trysts with friends' motorbikes come to mind. That first day when I had zoomed through the whole of Barrackpore without knowing where the brakes were. Finally, had come to a stop, the stop being accompanied by a very angry sound being produced by the irked engine. Asked a rickshaw-wallah how to 'turn the bloody thing off'. That other sunny afternoon when I had forgotten the gear thing and turned the headlights on instead of 'giving' 2nd gear.
Now let me tell you I rode a bike from Chennai to Pondicherry not even a month ago. And I didn't hit a thing...nor did I turn the headlights on. So there!
Wonder when I'll get a chance to snitch that car key again.


  1. You do NOT look like the truant your blog says you are.

  2. Which helps me get away in getting away unscathed most times. But car dents are hard things to i discovered the hard way.